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A family run company based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Pat and David Steele started their business in 2003 from their home after a flash of inspiration, and a touch of frustration too, when Pat accidentally spilt a cup of hot chocolate on their double duvet!

The hot chocolate spill was contained to just one area of the duvet but of course their whole duvet needed to be cleaned. Pat realised the only way to clean it was:

  • by dry-cleaning; which was expensive and time consuming or 
  • visit the only launderette in town; a journey and a drag! 

It was at that moment Pat and David decided there had to be a better way.  Having just bought a new washing machine costing hundreds of pounds and already owning a tumble dryer; what if you could actually wash and dry your duvet at home using your existing household appliances?

The answer was in fact simple yet genius!  

A duvet comprising four individual panels that could zip together to form a large quilt; hence 'panel duvet'!   Each panel small enough to be washed in the smallest washing machine and able to fit in a tumble dryer too - very important, given the British climate!  The rest, as they say, is history.

The 'Panel Duvet' has become part of their lives and has proven to be an incredible success in all sorts of applications; in the home for children and the elderly alike, care homes, hospitals in fact anywhere where you might have a spillage and need to wash your duvet - so everyone really!  

If you own a duvet, next time get yourself a 'Panel Duvet', you'll never look back!

Pat and David's success has been amazing.  Not only do they own the UK Patent for this product (a feat in itself if you know anything about getting a patent) they were winners in the prestigious Innovation 2004 Award.  Pat also received a Special Recognition Award at the prestigious Female Inventor/Innovator Exhibition in 2005 held at the historic Painted Hall in London.  

More recently they have had much press coverage in the National Press too.

All this from simply spilling a cup of hot chocolate on a duvet one day! 

So, for the ultimate duvet you can home wash, tumble dry and have back on your bed the same day, look no further than your very own 'Panel Duvet!

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