Environmentally Friendly

The patented 'Panel Duvet' is extremely environmentally friendly:

  • Simply wash soiled panels as and when needed and be back on your bed the same day
  • Use your normal detergents, ideal for allergy sufferers
  • Can be washed at low temperature with enegery saving benefits
  • No need to take it to the laundrette or dry cleaners, saving you time and money
  • Duvets last longer; it is proven people clean the duvets immediately rather than putting off a trip to the dry cleaners
  • Less duvets are thrown away because they can be maintained more easily 

So what are you waiting for?   Order your 'Panel Duvet' and experience the pleasure of a wonderful snuggly duvet, that's easy to look after and cheaper to clean too, all backed up with its UK Patent, and at the same cost as a 'regular' duvet.

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Panel Duvets environmental easycare