Ideal Applications

If you've ever spilt something on your duvet you know how annoying it can be.  Load it into your car, drive to the laundrette leaving it to be cleaned, then drive back when it's ready, pay for the pleasure then drive home again - and if you are lucky that will take 5 days, but probably more, right?

The UK Patented 'Panel Duvet' is therefore ideal for everyone simply because it is easy to look after and maintain.  It has added benefits too for:

  • allergy sufferers
  • carers of the eldery or bed ridden
  • parents with young children
  • carehomes
  • hospitals

A 'Panel Duvet' can be washed, tumble dried and back on your bed the SAME day, without incurring any additional costs. How simple is that!

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Panel Duvets environmental easycare